Megan Chambers EFT

Have you ever been told you’re ‘too sensitive’? Are you drained from taking on others’ negative energy? You could handle the world just fine if it weren’t for all the people in it!

You can have peace and emotional balance without having to hide away from everyone in the world.

Book a FREE 20min assessment where we’ll identify the no. 1 step you can take right now to release yourself from the pain of your sensitivity, while keeping what you love about it.

Being introverted, empathic or highly sensitive is not a disability – it’s your super-power!

Do you feel upsetting emotions so deeply that sometimes it feels like physical pain? And it doesn’t help that you seem to attract people who manipulate your kind, generous nature to get what they want while you’re left feeling completely depleted.

You’ve been told your whole life to ‘stop being so sensitive’, to ‘toughen up’ and ‘grow a thicker skin’. So, it’s no wonder that when you try to be yourself in a world that values loudness, extroversion and competition, self-doubt kicks in and you feel like there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. Sometimes, you just want to curl up and hide in your bed for the rest of your life where no-one else’s energy can impact you – but you know that’s not possible, and it wouldn’t be much fun anyway.

I’m here to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you – you are most likely one or more of these: an empath, an introvert, a highly sensitive person (HSP).

And here’s the most important thing…

Life doesn’t have to be this hard, and you’re not alone in this.

You can learn to manage and protect your precious energy, and have relationships that lift you up rather than drag you down. Not only that, but you can start to recognise your emotional sensitivity as the true gift it really is that allows you to bring much needed light, awareness and vision of a new way of being to this world that is worn out from fighting and struggling.

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there. So, I know that you too can make the inner shifts needed to:
  • Protect and preserve your precious energy to relieve overwhelm, burnout and fatigue
  • Stop attracting energy vampires into your life
  • Heal the parts of you that make relationships so difficult and painful
  • No longer see yourself as broken and in need of fixing
  • Recognise what makes you unique, valuable and strong, and claim your personal power as an emotionally sensitive person
  • Share the gift of your emotional sensitivity with the world without absorbing energy that doesn’t belong to you.

How do you get this for yourself? You work with me of course!

When you work with me, I’ll give you tools that will support you to:

  • Clear out old stories keeping you locked in to painful emotional patterns so you’re no longer hijacked by your moods
  • Release old, painful memories (perhaps even past life) that are lodged in your body
  • Trust your little voice, your intuition, again so that you aren’t swayed by people who don’t have your best interests at heart
  • Show up powerfully in the world and live your unique purpose

Book a FREE 20min assessment where we’ll identify the no. 1 step you can take right now to release yourself from the pain of your sensitivity, while keeping what you love about it. 

About Me

Hi, I’m Megan Chambers

I believe that you, as an emotionally sensitive person, can move through the world without having to be like a sponge soaking up other people’s bad energy.

I believe that healing the painful memories, beliefs and thoughts related to your sensitivity acts like a soothing salve on a raw emotional wound. And that when you do this healing work, narcissists and other trouble-makers will no longer be attracted to you. 

Why do I work with introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people? Because I am one! How do I know that healing is possible? Because I’ve done it.

I also know that many of us are on healing missions in this lifetime. And that when we heal ourselves, we can fully step forward to fulfil our missions – and this helps heal the world.

We might like each other a lot if…

You have a sense of the spiritual /of a divine, loving force operating in your life (even though it may be hard to access at times).

But, you don’t buy into all that love and light crap – you’re willing to get down into the muck and work your stuff, even if it’s scarey, because you’re ready to heal.

In fact, you’re excited and eager to take full responsibility for your healing.

And, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to feel good – you’re not going to stop until you have peace and love in your mind and heart.

And, you want to work with someone who understands the emotionally sensitive journey and sees you as an equal partner in the healing relationship. 

Feel like we might be a fit?

Here are 3 ways to get started…

1-to-1 Coaching Package

Ready to break out of old emotional patterns, experience relief from upsetting emotions, stop attracting energy vampires and recognise your immense gifts as an empath, an emotionally sensitive person?

Join my 9-week coaching program and let’s get started!

Single Past Life Release Session

Have a past life memory of being persecuted or killed for being a healer, leader, visionary or teacher? Don’t have a specific memory but suspect there might be something hidden beneath the surface?

Book a single 1.5hr Past Life Release session and let’s detach you from the pain of this memory so you can move forward with peace and emotional balance.

Mini Tarot Reading for Empaths & Sensitives

Receive profound and practical insight and guidance regarding what you need to know about being sensitive and what you can do to survive and thrive as an emotionally sensitive person.

No need to find a place or time to meet – receive your 15-20min reading via private YouTube video.

 Kate Bendall, Australia

“I was delighted with my session with Megan. Her warmth and skill were pivotal in me being able to completely trust the process. I was in good hands and I could feel it. The session helped me easily identify my blocks, and better still, to move them. I highly recommend Megan as a gifted practitioner.”
– Kate Bendall, Australia

 Bev, UK

“Megan provided a safe and encouraging space for me to unpick and share some of my behaviors which were keeping me stuck before taking me through a personalised EFT session. The session really helped me feel less anxious about moving forward very quickly – it was quite amazing.  I’m really looking forward to exploring the magic that Megan shared with me and incorporating some regular EFT into my life. Thanks so much Megan”

 Laura Prechel, US

“Megan is truly wonderful! She brought so much light and love into my childhood sexual trauma, which I didn’t even realize was the issue behind the present day challenge I came to her for. She provided an incredibly safe environment to open and release while maintaining her focus on the issue I came to her for. I left so inspired to make positive changes in my life and am truly grateful for the work she is doing for the world.”

Shirley, US

“I have come across many different modalities in recent years, including EFT at some point, but Megan’s unique approach to EFT was very different. She brings so much knowledge, compassion and flexibility into her work, and offers her skills in the most accessible and supportive way. Drawing on her own personal experience, Megan offers a safe space and a comfortable environment to discuss anything that’s come up in one’s journey. She brings clarity, wisdom and kindness, and I have gained many new insights during our time together. It has been a pleasure to connect with Megan not just as a professional but also to get to know her as a person who has gone through similar processes herself, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Lift Your Mood

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Book a FREE 20min assessment where we’ll identify the no. 1 step you can take right now to release yourself from the pain of your sensitivity, while keeping what you love about it.