Megan Chambers EFT

You’ve heard it said, you can’t solve a problem at the same level it was created.

That’s why, when life becomes a struggle, it’s time to find a guide who can support you to find your way back to yourself, someone who’s been there, who gets you, who has achieved a new level herself.

Hi, I’m Megan, certified Life Coach and Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner for women at mid-life who are ready to drop the shackles of their past painful relationships and confidently step into a bright, exciting future.

If you’re ready for bigger, better things but your past is keeping you frozen with fear and low self-confidence, then this is for you.

If it feels safer to be quiet and keep your head down than to change the world with your amazing gifts, this is for you.

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, like everything’s on top of you, and you want space to think, create and serve, this is for you.

If your relationships (past or present), your job or where you live are keeping you small and you know it’s time to break out, even though that feels scary, this is for you.

If you’re over being hijacked by your stressed-out nervous system and would love to be able to take life events in your stride, this is for you.

What can we tackle together?

Clients often seek my guidance for challenges such as:

  • Persistent anxiety and its effects such as clouded thinking, insomnia, a harsh inner critic, uncontrollable emotions.
  • Struggles in relationships, such as with colleagues, partners, parents or children
  • Unwanted, upsetting memories from relationships, such as romantic relationships with narcissists or difficult childhood relationships with parents.
  • Overwhelm and confusion, where the way forward remains obscured.
  • Hurdles hindering the realization of aspirations, including lack of confidence, procrastination, self-sabotage, people-pleasing, and inner self-criticism.
  • Issues related to introversion, empathy, or heightened sensitivity, such as criticism sensitivity, unclear boundaries, or sensory overload.
  • Feeling disconnected from spiritual support and guidance.

Book a FREE 30-minute mini-coaching session with me and let’s uncover your aspirations, pinpoint obstacles hindering your progress, and craft actionable steps to propel you towards your goals.

Having healed myself of decades-long anxiety and overcome 9 years in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship I’ve gathered cutting-edge tools that are simple to learn and get amazing results.

You’ll learn to apply them to any area of your life, for the rest of your life.

What’s EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT Tapping, is your secret weapon against stress.

Through gentle tapping on acupoints, it soothes your nervous system, alleviating the burdens of daily life, past traumas, and future worries.

When your nervous system is calm, your clarity sharpens, communication improves, decisions become wiser, creativity flows, productivity soars, and you feel at home within yourself.

What’s Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a compass on your life’s journey. It empowers you to set meaningful goals, chart your course, and conquer the mental barriers that may stand in your way. It’s not just about reaching your destination; it’s about embracing the entire journey, uncovering the gold along the way.

Why combine Life Coaching and EFT?

Because they bring out the best in each other!

While Life Coaching propels you toward your dreams by helping you get clear on your heart’s desires and setting specific goals, EFT smooths the pathway to them by healing the scars of your past that are hindering your current progress. It’s a dynamic duo that ensures your progress is unhindered by obstacles.

Choose Your Journey

I offer my clients a choice between EFT Tapping and the dynamic combination of Life Coaching and EFT.

EFT Tapping

If your primary aim is to alleviate stress or resolve a specific issue, EFT Tapping may be the ideal choice for you. Stress can manifest in a multitude of ways, from fatigue to strained relationships, overwhelming emotions, anxieties, phobias, food cravings, and even physical health concerns.

Life Coaching + EFT

On the other hand, if your aspirations extend to achieving goals in any area of life, including mental and physical well-being, career and business, relationships, and spirituality, then Life Coaching with EFT is your pathway to transformation.

Over three enlightening months, I’ll support you to:

1. Define Your Heart’s Desire: We’ll unearth your deepest desires and translate them into specific, actionable goals.

2. Chart Your Path: We’ll map a clear pathway to your goals.

3. Embrace the Journey: We’ll clear the obstacles along the path to your ideal future so you can effortlessly propel yourself forward, turning your dreams into reality.

Let’s embark together on this exciting journey towards building the life of your dreams.

Book a FREE 30-minute mini coaching session with me and let’s uncover your aspirations, pinpoint obstacles hindering your progress, and craft actionable steps to propel you towards your goals.

About Me

Hi, I’m Megan Chambers

My journey to becoming a Life Coach and EFT practitioner was via healing myself of decades of intense stress and anxiety.

I remember being anxious from a young age. And joining the corporate world after studying psychology at university just made it worse.

I enjoyed the challenge of corporate work and it suited the part of me that’s organised and enjoys strategizing and problem-solving. But having to deal with impossibly high expectations and being surrounded by intense personalities triggered my low self-confidence and made every day painful, sometimes even unbearable.

We could be a fit if…

You’ve come to a point where you just know that there must be a better way and you’re determined to find it.

You’re willing to be gently but firmly challenged regarding the beliefs and thoughts that are no longer serving you.

You’re open to experiencing unconventional but powerful and effective ways of healing to create the life you want.

You have a sense of the spiritual/of a divine, loving force operating in your life, even though it may be hard (even impossible) to access at times.

Feel like we might be a fit?

Here are 3 ways to get started…

Free Stuff & Tasters

Get strategies to release emotional upset fast with the replay of  my 1hr webinar, download freebies, take a look at my best videos and other social media and sign up to receive my newsletters.

Work With Me

Are you ready to break free from the chains of stress and anxiety? Are you eager to unlock your boundless potential and manifest your deepest desires? Ready to liberate yourself from the grip of old emotional patterns and upsetting memories? Is it time for more harmonious and fulfilling relationships?

EFT Mentoring

For those training to be Clinical EFT Practitioners.

Book EFT self-work sessions at student prices and individual mentoring sessions.

Jacqueline W, Australia

“I’ve experienced Megan’s EFT sessions both individually and in a group setting, and am very impressed with her ability to navigate what is presented in front of her. Megan holds a strong yet gentle space and intuitively receives information that is encompassed into the EFT affirmations. Her presence to what is being experienced is felt throughout the session, and allows for a depth of inner journeying in the safety of the sacred space she holds. Her ability to articulate wisdom is one of her innate gifts. I feel I am in the presence of a very wise and caring soul when working with Megan.”

Jess Johnson, Life Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner

“I reached out to Megan to help me with anxiety and overwhelm I had been feeling over some upcoming business decisions. After an hour of tapping, I was clear on the choices in front of me, which allowed me to make a confident decision in the moment and have clarity on how to prioritize the next steps. I now feel relaxed, calm, and ready to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday without stress!”

Diana, Germany

“Working with Megan was a wonderful and very insightful experience. Megan is a great support in guiding you and making effective and positive changes with you. I felt safe and understood throughout the session. Through her professional and sensitive approach to me and my needs, I was able to quickly and effectively identify hindering thoughts. I was not even aware of them before. Now I know what I can do to make my social media presence even more authentic and self-confident.  Thank you dear Megan.”

Paula Carey, Ireland

“Megan is a wonderful EFT Practitioner, I trust her completely and feel very safe in her care. She listens intently and conducts every session with kindness, understanding and focus. She is highly intuitive with an uncanny ability to help me identify the core issue and tap it gently away. After a session with Megan, I feel lighter, brighter and better equipped to get on with my life.”

 Kate Bendall, Australia

“I was delighted with my session with Megan. Her warmth and skill were pivotal in me being able to completely trust the process. I was in good hands and I could feel it. The session helped me easily identify my blocks, and better still, to move them. I highly recommend Megan as a gifted practitioner.”

 Bev, UK

“Megan provided a safe and encouraging space for me to unpick and share some of my behaviors which were keeping me stuck before taking me through a personalised EFT session. The session really helped me feel less anxious about moving forward very quickly – it was quite amazing.  I’m really looking forward to exploring the magic that Megan shared with me and incorporating some regular EFT into my life. Thanks so much Megan”

 Laura Prechel, US

“Megan is truly wonderful! She brought so much light and love into my childhood sexual trauma, which I didn’t even realize was the issue behind the present day challenge I came to her for. She provided an incredibly safe environment to open and release while maintaining her focus on the issue I came to her for. I left so inspired to make positive changes in my life and am truly grateful for the work she is doing for the world.”

Shirley, US

“I have come across many different modalities in recent years, including EFT at some point, but Megan’s unique approach to EFT was very different. She brings so much knowledge, compassion and flexibility into her work, and offers her skills in the most accessible and supportive way. Drawing on her own personal experience, Megan offers a safe space and a comfortable environment to discuss anything that’s come up in one’s journey. She brings clarity, wisdom and kindness, and I have gained many new insights during our time together. It has been a pleasure to connect with Megan not just as a professional but also to get to know her as a person who has gone through similar processes herself, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

FREE Tapping Poster

This free EFT tapping poster shows the tapping points using gorgeous artworks from the Art Nouveau period and Leonardo da Vinci, as well as the basic EFT tapping protocol.

Print it and put it up on your wall as a daily reminder to tap yourself well.


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Book a FREE 30-minute mini-coaching session with me and let’s uncover your aspirations, pinpoint obstacles hindering your progress, and craft actionable steps to propel you towards your goals.