What is EFT?

My favourite tool, the one I use with every client, is Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or tapping).

EFT is a stress-reduction technique. It reduces stress via the body’s meridian system (a real physical system) which is like a fibre optic network – the Chinese have been using this system for healing for centuries such as in acupuncture. But instead of using needles, we tap on points of high electrical conductivity, called acupoints. The signals run along the meridians through the body and brain and this calms the nervous system.

When we tap on the acupoints, it’s like taking an eraser to the thoughts, emotions and memories that are the roadblocks to your dreams. You will actually feel your body and mind calm down as we tap.

After tapping:

The stressful thoughts, emotions and memories will be either greatly reduced or completely eliminated. With them no longer active, you’ll be able to take action towards your goals that you couldn’t take before. This even applies to past life memories and nightmares which can be worked on in exactly the same way as regular memories.

With reduced stress, your mind is more capable of clear thinking so you can come up with innovative solutions to problems and have more inspired ideas.

Your intuition can come back online.

Regular clearing of unresourceful emotions leads to emotional regulation – no more high highs and low lows. Reducing stress also reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) which causes inflammation in the body, helping prevent short-term and long-term illness

I help my clients learn to apply EFT at home without a therapist so they can take back sovereignty of their day-to-day mental and physical wellbeing.


Curious about the science behind EFT?

Watch me discuss the science in my video below.

To watch me demonstrate EFT tapping, see my video below.


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