EFT Mentoring

As a Clinical EFT practitioner in training, you’re at the vanguard of a therapy revolution.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re training to be a Clinical EFT Practitioner, whether through Dr Peta Stapleton’s Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) or another institution such as EFT Universe or EFT International.

Clinical EFT is the form of EFT used in research trials that are showing results equal to, and often better than, the current gold standard of therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. EFT is part of an exciting revolution in therapy, and as a trainee, you’re at the forefront!

As an EFT trainee, it’s normal to experience things like:

  • Feeling out of your depth when practicing EFT with clients
  • Getting ‘stuck’ when working with clients
  • Having clients’ issues trigger your own unhealed issues
  • Having resistance to doing your own inner work, and
  • Having limiting beliefs such as, ‘I’m going to get it wrong,’ ‘I’m going to look incompetent in front of clients,’ ‘I’ll never get this,’ ‘who am I to think I can do this,’ etc.

As someone’s who’s been through this labyrinth and understands the journey, it’s my role to guide you while assisting you to learn the techniques to the highest standard of competence.

As an approved mentor for Dr Peta Stapleton’s EBEFT, I can support you to reach your training requirements, including:

  • Individual mentoring: providing feedback on your sessions with clients (EBEFT trainees only)
  • EFT self-work sessions

I would be honoured to mentor you through this exciting journey.

If you’d like to discuss this with me, you can contact me using the button below. Otherwise, scroll down and select a session.

(I’m in Sydney – all fees are in Aussie dollars.)

If you need advice with session selection or have questions about training in Clinical EFT or Mentoring for Evidence Based EFT, feel free to contact me.

Individual Mentoring

Book this session if you need to meet your EBEFT requirement for:

  • 1hr mentoring review of 6 session notes
  • 1hr mentoring review of a 60min video recording of a client session

Self-Work Session

Book this session as part of your requirement for tapping self-work.

For EBEFT trainees, 3 x 1-hour sessions as a client with a certified practitioner who is not your mentor.