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Release Resistance to Exercise & Self-Care

Hello and welcome! I’m so happy that you decided to join me as we clear our resistance to exercise and self-care.

Here are all the materials you’ll need to successfully complete the workshop. Click the links to be taken to each video and the resources.

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Start Here

Please watch this video right through as it contains important information to help you get the most out of this workshop and to keep you safe while doing the powerful technique of EFT Tapping.

How to do EFT Tapping for Beginners Optional

If you haven’t done EFT before or it’s been a long time since you did it and you’d like a refresher on where the tapping points are and how to do EFT, please watch this video before proceeding.

It sometimes happen that I’ll see a client for the first time who’s done EFT before and I find that they’re not tapping on the right acupoints. So, I recommend watching this but if you’re confident in your EFT skills then it’s not necessary.

You may like to download my free Tapping Points Poster which displays the tapping points and a short description of how to tap. It’s beautifully designed so you’ll want to display it somewhere you can see it as a reminder to tap regularly.

Workshop Video 1: Releasing What You Don’t Want

This is where we use EFT tapping to release our resistance to exercise and self-care.

You’ll use page 1 of this document during the video so download it before pressing play.

I’ve included time stamps in the description under the video so if you want to use it more than once you can jump to the sections you want.

Workshop Video 2: Allowing In What You Do Want

After releasing what we don’t want, this is where we allow in what we do want. It’s the essential part after we’ve released resistance where we get clear on what we want, we feel into it and allow it to become a part of our active experience now.

You’ll use page 2 of this document during the video – it’s in the same document as you used for Video 1.

To enhance  your experience…

Access my free Self-Care Planner & Guide which includes:

  • A weekly planner you can use to find the time in your busy week for self-care activities.
  • Self-care ideas that are quick and easy to implement so you can find the activities that truly fill your cup.
  • A guide to help you have conversations with the significant people in your life if you need their support to take more time for self-care – then you won’t feel guilty that your self-care is impacting others.
  • Access here

Video: The Science Behind EFT

This video is for you if you’re interested in how EFT works and some of the research findings.

I discuss the 3 main reasons why EFT is my tool of choice for stress reduction and improving physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. I share some of the impressive research from clinical trials and give you some resources to explore further.

Download your free tapping points poster

Download my free Tapping Points Poster which displays, in artistic style, the tapping points and a short description of how to tap. It’s beautifully designed so you’ll want to display it somewhere you can see it as a reminder to tap regularly.

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The sessions follow the format of the workshop – you choose an area of your life that you’d like to improve. We use EFT Tapping to release what you don’t want and the simple process demonstrated in the workshop to allow in what you do want.

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